soul to go

Timer to go – Soul

What does a keyring do?
Not much. It holds the key. Or it’s misplaced.

What does a PARADOX keyring do?
A lot more, and it won’t be misplaced, overlooked or forgotten.

Our PARADOX Timer to go – Soul* does not only hold on to your keys, it will hold your gaze as well. With its brilliant colours, its unique performance and its fascinating PARADOX timing.
Phenomenal in everyday life, stunning as a gift.

*Some call it TiToGO

Handmade in Germany

soul to go

0 out of 5

Suggestions for use:
Offbeat accessory for key chains
Mobile time gauge
For passing time
Easy to locate in a pocket

Dimension: approx. 6 x 1,1 x 5 cm (LxWxH)
Runtime: approx. 1,5 minutes
Optimal runtime at room temperature


Price  9,95

Handmade in Germany