You are not a PARADOXist yet?
It’s time that you take some time for yourself. With an emphasis on TAKE. Time for a change. Not only on vacation.

Being a PARADOXist, you will not be rushed by anyone, you will stay cool, you will make the right decisions as to what is important and what isn’t, and you will be able to just say “No” once in a while.

PARADOXists can savour the moment, they calm their nerves, they contemplate and take care of their friends. The good ones, the real friends.

PARADOXists make more out of life, they are more successful, they recognise each other instantly. Why? Because, instead of being “pretenders”, they are authentic – you can tell.

Do you want to know if you are a good PARADOXist? Do you dare to take a test that will tell the truth? Be brave and face the truth.

Should you pass, you will receive the certificate which confirms that you are a true PARADOXist. Free of charge? Free of charge.

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