MUSIC plus

MP3? CD? LP? PARADOX jazz adds a visual dimension to your favourite song. Listen to some music while watching PARADOX jazz – what is happening? A new, a deeper understanding of sounds and words.

Try it with the classic song “Homeward Bound” by Simon and
Garfunkel. The magic of PARADOX jazz lasts for 15-25 minutes
until the inevitable return to reality.

Yes, PARADOX jazz combined with music makes you somewhat
addicted. And yes, that addiction wants to be stilled rather than quenched.

Handmade in Germany


0 out of 5

Suggestions for use:
Timer for reading time / good night story
Television time for children
Sets aside time for learning vocabulary
Timer for presentations, speeches, lectures

Dimension: approx. 8,5 x 3 x 12,5 (LxWxH)
Runtime: approx. 15 – 25 minutes
Optimal runtime at room temperature


Price  16,95

Handmade in Germany