There’s something paradoxical happening every day.

Is that good? Very good, in fact. It motivates.
For example, to think and improve.
To write and to read.

PARADOX from 4everTREND delivers the material for making cool postings.
Even exciting pictures? Even.

4everTREND GmbH
Press and Public Relations
Iris Madl
Schönstrasse 10 | 81543 München
Phone +49 (0) 89‐630 205 300

And here are our topics

Time: we show how important, even strange, and where it’s useful. And how to multiply it.
Paradoxes: Frequent, more often underestimated, but can be really inspiring. We make them visible.
Life: Great topic. So multi-faceted. And still so much to say. Time will tell.
Physics: we present it as fascinating as the scene of the crime.
Design: That’s where we come from. Among other places. Design is where we perform in pictures.
Lifestyle: There’s more important things. But not for everyone. Expect some tips from us.
Work Life Balance: Very important. That’s why we’ve developed practical suggestions.
Amore: Related to time. And work-life balance. And with PARADOX moments
Travel: What would life be without it? Is it possible to spend life in a better way? We have a whole travelling pool.
Success: Need to have it. Prerequisite: Stay relaxed. Prerequisite: PARADOX
Philosophy: Around the clock. We provide new aspects, over and over.
Clocks: Our creative core competence.
Nudging: Amazing what can be achieved. Surprises have to wait.
Cuisine: Mastered by men. With our help.
Training: We supply the fresh motivation.

Perfect, if you are interested
in one of these topics. We could turn
the world upside down together!


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