About 4everTREND

About there is a lot to say

But first things first: we do as the name suggests.
We create trends. Long-lasting trends, carefully prepared.
This happens in Munich. Distribution is carried out worldwide.

What makes us such an exceptional trend-setter? Second:
Made in Germany. First and foremost: quality, quality,
quality. And third: creative heights.

This order is not a ranking order, but having all three of
these will result in the following: customers who go crazy
with joy, and who love and collect our products.

Every product line is based on a philosophy which is thought
through to the end. It combines new dimensions of lifestyle
with astonishingly useful applications.

Some of them – like our PARADOX – are perfect for
Customizing. And they serve to amaze our customers’ customers.
Almost for ever.

Is there any more to say about 4everTrend?
There is!

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Or just give us a call: +49 – 89 – 630205300